From 12.00-15.00

Set Lunch Menu


Sourdough garlic & rosemary bread with mozzarella (v)

Minestrone with pesto & sourdough

Hazelnut, pear & ricotta salad with chicory & radicchio (v)

Italian cured meats with olives & sourdough


Pizza Margherita – fior di latte, tomato & olive oil (v)

Pizza Salami – salami, for di latte, tomato, parmesan & olive oil

Pasta con la sarde with saffron & pangratatto

Spaghetti alla Norma with aubergine, salted ricotta, basil & tomato

Spaghetti alla Carbonara with guanciale, egg yolk & parmesan (Roman style)


Homemade tiramisu

Warm caprese cake with vanilla ice cream (gf)

Brown sugar & pistachio meringue mess with cranberries, orange & cream (gf)

Cannolo – Sicilian pastry with ricotta, dark chocolate & nuts

Baked lemon tart with mascarpone

Please see cakes on the bar for more treats

£12.50 - 2 courses

£15.50 - 3 courses

 Sides  £3.50

Bitter leaves salad/ rocket salad/ fennel & orange salad/ parmesan polenta chips

All our food is made to order, some dishes take longer than others to prepare. All our pizza dough and sourdough breads are made in house. Vegan & gluten free options available. If you have any specific dietary requirements, let us know and we will be happy to assist. Some vegetarian dishes contain parmesan.